Clare’s journey

My life has been a series of colourful events, ups and downs, so many crazy, wonderful and humbling experiences, filled with dichotomy and deep learnings.…it’s never dull!

One thing that has always been constant is that I work on myself, I’m curious, I seek the ‘why’ and I explore inside and out. Most importantly, I learn.

It gives me the most humbling pleasure to be able to share my life’s learnings, Kinesiology, Reiki, Coaching and my journey with people who seek a better life.

About Clare

So many people say that from the beginning, they knew exactly their life’s purpose. Well I certainly can’t say this. In fact I had to wade through quagmires of stress and anxiety, castles of corporate confusion, fogs of chronic illness and family ties that could bind you to the ground. But that’s the point I guess. Because without these trials, I would not have been able to notice the magical synchronicity, the beauty in basics, the humour in each moment and the light that is in each and every one of us. So here I am.

It is these experiences that have lead me to have a broad understanding of life’s little ‘quirks’…on a winding pathway to this wonderful career of  Kinesiology, Reiki and coaching.

I guess you could say from childhood I had an innate spiritual curiosity and openness, always trying to make sense of the world and the people in it.

I grew up with a brother with profound intellectual and physical disabilities. Why do I mention this? Because it has probably been the most constant, unavoidable lesson about the seemingly unfair struggles in life (Mum & Dad this one’s for you!) but also, more importantly of the beauty and strength of the human spirit. I am blessed to have seen first-hand that there is an inner light in all of us and life can be beautiful, no matter how it appears on the outside. I am determined to help uncover this light in anyone who wishes to explore this.

We are all here together, let’s share this journey!

Kinesiology and NLP