“I came into my session with Clare feeling low in energy, out of sorts, and uncertain of my direction in life. I left feeling like I could run a marathon and was clear about where I was heading and totally understood myself better and how to get where I needed to in life!”

Jenny K

I had to give up work due to a problem with pain and swelling in my left ankle. After 2 sessions with Clare, my swelling and pain had reduced greatly and I was able to do basic things on my leg again and most importantly I could sleep without pain. Thank you Clare!

Maddy J

Clare is an amazing lady. She has helped me rediscover my femininity and sensuality. Clare has helped in the new chapter of my life with aiding a broken heart to heal and hydrate. Thank you <3 xoxo

Robyn C

Clare would like to express her praise and gratitude to the following beautiful people:-

Leonie Moore – –  who interpreted my non- technical mind and created this lovely website for me, Shannon Male – who’s visionary talent & generosity created these beautiful pictures –,   Victoria P – for being a rock solid mate and providing sound advice, Lana S – my earth angel and guide,  Priya R – the wise and funny earth diva,    Arthur Bablis and Sarah Gilmour – for being my teachers and challenging me to  be the person I am today. , Megan C – thanks for keeping the ‘quirk’ in my life , Natasha Colchester, Rachelle Sewell,  Clare Woodward and Janette Brown….worlds greatest kinesiologists, Kerrie Ticehurst and Lesley Crossingham – who’s wisdom has changed my life and finally,  my “team”…they know who they are  🙂

Love Clare x






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